Relay in parallel circuits

relay parallel

parallel rekay

Julia Bauer

A parallel connection of electronic components we have already seen in a previous examples. This can be compared to dublication or junction. In digital technology parallel circuits are implemented by OR and NOT-connections. Now we connect two relays in parallel to the circuit. This is possible because we have double contacts at one side of the relais brick. Both relays are switched on by pushing the button, therefore the number of total contacts is doubled, without having made signicant changes to the circuit or adding additional switches. The voltage drop across both relay is the same and compatible to the supply voltage. The total current to switch on the relais has doubled of course. The kirchhoff law and mesh rules of electronic circuit always apply, but this is far away from our topics here. As in the previous experiments, both relay are switched to on state by pressing the button, this is visualized by the two control LEDs.

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